Quit Substance Abuse For a Healthier Look

healthier look stop substance abuseAlcohol and certain party drugs are not uncommon to Canadian society, which values a good time over many things. Prescription medications and fattening foods are also a little too readily available in our culture. The truth of the matter is, substance abuse runs rampant in an individualistic culture, where the wants of the self are championed over the good of the group. This facet of our culture works heavily against our physical health and appearance. Substance abuse eventually catches up with a person’s appearance in the form of damaged skin, stained teeth, bloodshot eyes and more. Because substance abuse damages the appearance, it is essential to avoid substance abuse and ingest healthy substances instead. Any Canadians who are desperately struggling with this initiative should make use of the services of a substance abuse rehab Canada.

Alcohol can be incredibly damaging to the appearance, even if it is being used only slightly excessively. Alcohol is dehydrating to the body and hard on the internal organs, and can result in a number of unpleasant aesthetic qualities. Alcohol is full of calories and causes weight gain in people who do not ingest it in moderation. It can also make a person too ill and unfitĀ for any kind of physical exertion, making them out of shape. The dehydrating affects of alcohol can take a toll on the skin by tightening blood vessels and restraining the flow of oxygen to the skin, causing inflammation, acne, rosacea and premature aging. Alcohol is also very acidic and wears down the enamel of the teeth, leaving them stained and thin in appearance.

Street drugs and prescription drugs have a similar affect on the appearance when they are abused. Repeated use results in a haggard appearance of damaged skin, red or glassy eyes, unhealthy weight fluctuation and stained teeth. The same can be said for foods that are abused or become an addiction. Coffee and sugar are both horrible for the teeth, and overeating is the obvious cause of unhealthy weight gain. The skin is also greatly affected by diet and can produce breakouts or wrinkles when a person’s intake is not monitored carefully.

To restore your appearance to its original health, stop using unhealthy substances inappropriately and give your body what it wants to function: water, plant matter, low-fat proteins, healthy grains and herbs. This, balanced with a regular workout routine and sleep schedule, will rejuvenate your appearance and bring it back to a healthy state.