What Alcohol Does to Your Appearance

alcohol affects appearanceIf you do not believe that alcohol is bad for you when consumed too heavily, just take a long hard look at your reflection in the mirror after a weekend of binging. Take note of the dryness, redness and puffiness of your skin, the dark circles beneath your eyes and the strained blood vessels in your eyes. You will probably be shocked by what you see. Physicians agree unanimously that abusing alcohol, even if just for a night, is damaging to your health and your appearance. The effects are visible immediately, albeit subtle, but the long term effects can be permanent.

The skin suffers immensely from alcohol abuse. Some alcoholic beverages have health benefits when ingested in moderation, such as red wine. But most alcoholic beverages have little to no health benefits, and are toxic to the system when abused. Alcohol restricts the ┬áskin’s blood vessels and prevents circulation so that pores become clogged, and oxygen and nutrients cannot replenish the skin. This causes the redness, swelling and irritation that many people have observed in their reflection. It is also, of course, extremely dehydrating. Hydration is essential to bodily health and a healthy appearance. When the skin is stripped of it, the aging process is quickened and skin becomes damaged more easily. Alcohol abuse is also known to aggravate skin conditions and diseases. It worsens acne, rosacea and psoriasis to an unmanageable point when it is heavily or regularly abused. This same effect of constricted blood vessels and dehydration effects the vibrancy of the eyes and the healthy shine of the hair as well.

Prolonged alcohol abuse progresses the effects listed above, as well as causing weight gain in a large number of people and muscle deterioration due to the lifestyle that accompanies alcohol abuse. When someone repeatedly abuses alcohol or becomes an alcoholic, the addiction to it consumes their life and makes them devalue healthy practices such as getting exercise.