“You Are What You Eat”

food body chemistry“You are what you eat.” It’s an old saying, but a true one. What’s taking place inside our bodies can be seen in our appearances and our dispositions. The things we eat, drink, smoke and ingest through other methods alters our body chemistry and affects our lives. This applies to the way substances affect our appearances as well. The foods we eat, the beverages we drink and the drugs we experiment with can all be detected in our appearances, and the more imbalanced our use of substances are, the more pronounced they are in how we look.

If a person ingests unhealthy substances, they can expect to have an unhealthy appearance. Eating food that is high in fat, sodium, sugar, oil, carbohydrates, starches and filler ingredients results in weight gain, tooth decay, structural deterioration and bad skin. Consuming unhealthy beverages, such as soda or alcohol, causes a dehydrated looking appearance with unhealthy blood vessels that do not properly circulate blood or oxygen, as well as unsightly weight gain and tooth decay. And abusing substances like drugs negatively effects the appearance in a number of ways, such as skin damage, weight fluctuation, tooth decay and dark circles under the eyes.

If a person ingests healthy substances, on the other hand, their appearance will be healthy. Consuming healthy, natural fats and proteins aids the body’s metabolism and gives a person radiant skin with good circulation and healthy muscle mass. Eating fruits and vegetables gives a person vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants, which flushes toxins from the system and gives a person healthy, glowing skin and the ability to lose weight. Ingesting herbs has medicinal affects and can reverse certain genetic problems that negatively impact the appearance. And staying hydrated with healthy beverages also provides many nutrients to the body, as well as carrying toxins out through urination and sweat, which improves the appearance in numerous ways.